hi there! I’m Joschka aka Yoshi

I’m an EdTech product manager

I believe in the power of learning to transform society.

currently working at Ellevation

I manage the Instructional Strategies product – a professional learning solution, transforming educators’ capacity to support multilingual learners.

I curate LeftTimes

A progressive media aggregator with thoughtful articles, videos, and podcasts covering politics, economics, and culture. Available on web, iOS and Android, as well as, a monthly substack newsletter.

and occasionally write articles

Usually about politics and philosophy, but also finance, education, and technology. See all

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these are some of the other apps I’ve launched

At Cengage, my team created college textbook and studying apps, a pronunciation app, and an AP test prep app. At Playrific, I partnered with children’s brands to mass-produce edutainment apps for kids.

Check out my digital bookshelf

It includes recommendation lists on civilization, philosophy, literature, sci-fi, business, and fantasy. As a teaser… here are some of my favs:

travel pics on IG

usually I share landscapes, art, and nature pics – and sometimes the cairns I build

and this fun drone video

Check out my brother’s professional drone videos

Stay tuned for whatever I dabble in next!

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