LeftTimes is getting some updates!

We’re excited to announce that a new set of feeds and features will be added to the LeftTimes website and iOS and Android apps! As we make these changes, you may see temporary issues with how the feeds and pages load – but don’t worry – we’ll be fixing them and more new features will be coming!

Thanks again to all of our many loyal readers who keep coming back every month. We hope you will enjoy our updates!

We also want to thank Implicit and Vineet Sinha for our great collaboration over the past 3 years. If you are interested in following news feeds about marketing, sales, product, startups, or fundraising, be sure to check out Implicit. Many thanks again also to Yoshi Tryba, Sam Todd and Kristina Lembesis for helping build and design our mobile app!

2 thoughts on “LeftTimes is getting some updates!

  1. When are the updates happening? I love the app but right now it’s very slow and keeps crashing.

    I really hope it will be fixed soon?

  2. Hey TJ – I’m sorry about this. These updates were primarily back in August/September. When did the app start working slower for you and crashing? May I ask what device/OS you are using?

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