Announcing the launch of The Left Times! – a news feed of what the left is saying

I’m so excited to announce the launch of a website and app I’ve been working on for the past year: The Left Times! It’s a news feed of nuanced, rigorous and revolutionary thought, spanning a variety of perspectives across the left from feminists, to socialists, to anti-racists, to environmentalists and more…

Check out the website or download the iOS or Android app!

It took me years of hunting around the internet, reading authors and publications from all over the place, to build a high quality news feed on Facebook – and then Facebook decided to change its algorithms, de-ranking articles, and they turned my news feed into a meme feed.

I want to make it easier for people to discover all of these great people, without having to spend years looking around – nevermind finding a way to compile all these writings into a synthesized feed. Even when my Facebook feed was halfway decent, I still found that the algorithms would get hyper-reactive to whatever posts I happened to be liking or commenting on… immediately funneling me into some bubble.

This news feed is the beginnings of the the reflection of how I would like to consume information: a balance across issue areas (politics, race, gender, economy, environment and global news), with content from a wide-variety of publications.

Today we are mostly pulling in from far-left publications, but this will probably change over time. The hope is that someday we will have the perfect mix where one can scan the headlines of the right/center, while getting a good set of the top news from the main media sources, and then getting (what we have now) a great feed of high-quality reporting/analysis.

I hope you will check it out and join me on my journey!